Joe K. — Treasure Valley Birthday Speaker Meeting, Fall 2009

Joe K. at home.

Joe K. at home. Photo by John L.


I was searching my hard drive earlier today and uncovered what may be the last recording of my dearest friend and sponsor, Joe K., speaking at a local meeting.  The digital recording device he was using was sitting on the podium he was speaking from and it gets knocked around quite a bit, making a ton of noise that shouldn’t be there.  I’m working on getting the recording cleaned up, but in this very informal share he recounts a couple of my favorite stories and you can really hear what recovery did for him and how grateful he was for it.  Enjoy.

I’m much too tired at the moment to figure out how to make the embedded player work, so you’ll just have to download the file if you like or just click here to listen to listen to Joe K.



  1. Hey Chris!
    thanks for putting this up. I am so glad that you did. I love speaker tapes and I am looking forward to this one.
    Im with you my friend. I am glad that you are back again… in long-term sobriety….. whatever you need from me.. just let me know..

    your brother in recovery


    1. thank you so much, man. i appreciate your kindness and and value your support more than I have adequate words to express.


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