Choosing the right addiction treatment center

Through all the wrack and blubber of the last week there has been something on my mind; the idea that permanent recovery is possible for anyone.  Joe sponsored me for 5 of the last 7 years, but I had worked with him before that, too.  I knew the man for probably 17 years, and in all that time he never shoved any particular dogma or method of recovery down my throat.  He always said that the only right way to “work the steps” was the way that worked for me.  Sure, he had some specific suggestions, but when I told him the story of my escape from the first treatment center I went to he seemed ecstatic.  Who were they to tell me that how I held a cigarette was the determining factor in whether or not I recovered.

Joe used to run the aftercare program for a notable drug treatment center, and with 43 years sober, and having sponsored hundreds of us throughout his time, he had the opportunity to see, up close and in a way that few people get to, that recovery from addiction is possible for everyone, and that the path that delivers us is personal to each of us.  For many of us, that means checking in to a treatment center.  It did for me.  I left the first center and followed it up with a different treatment center.

I’ve been looking at drug treatment centers lately, toying with the idea of another inpatient stint and one of them stands out.  Advanced Health and Education is a New Jersey addiction treatment center.  In pouring over their site it is clear that they understand that recovery is not a one-size-fits-all kind of product.  This outstanding New Jersey addiction treatment center embraces the philosophy that treatment needs to be appropriate to the patient and needs to include the whole patient, and with the right balance of treatment, accountability, and support, we addicts can get our lives back on track and live fully.

Joe had the opportunity to tour many notable facilities, Cirque Lodge, Betty Ford, Hazelden, and had good things to say about all of them, but he insisted that celebrity clients didn’t insure one’s recovery.  The real question was whether you got quality treatment, had access to exercise or yoga, something to get your body moving again, and whether appropriate, quality aftercare was available—all the kinds of things you find at Advanced Health and Education.

For information on NJ drug treatment center options contact Advanced Health and Education




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  1. I listened to Joe K.’s talk that you linked to in the previous post. I really enjoyed it. I also bought his memoir, but haven’t started reading it yet. Everything you have said, and what I heard in his talk, leads me to think he had really good advice, a lot of good knowledge.

    I think of you frequently. How are you? I hope things are … sober.


    1. Indeed things are sober. I’ve chosen a new sponsor, someone who also worked with Joe K. for years and years, someone who has regained long term recovery after a relapse. And I’m very optimistic about things going forward. School starts on Tuesday and I’m really grateful to be headed back. My head is still playing with me–hard–but I know that will pass.

      I’m glad you listened to him. Now you’ll be able to have his voice in your head while you’re reading which will help the story along greatly.


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